Adelphos® Greek Yogurt Dips & Sour Cream

Klondike Cheese Company has long been known for its Odyssey® Greek-Style Feta Cheese, and more recently its line of Odyssey® Greek Yogurt. The company’s latest introduction is Adelphos™ Greek Yogurt Dips—savory dips made with Odyssey Greek Yogurt and additional flavorful ingredients.

The dips are available in four flavors: Cucumber Garlic, Southwest,Red & Green Bell Pepper and French Onion. Adelphos™ Greek Yogurt Dips have 25 percent less sodium, 50 percent less fat, 50 percent less cholesterol and three times the protein as conventional dips.


Adelphos® reduced fat sour cream


Adelphos® cucumber garlic dip


Adelphos® french onion dip


Adelphos® bell pepper dip


Adelphos® southwest dip

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